Bud Light proves they’re #NotUpForWhatever


PRLog – Jan. 31, 2015 – PHOENIX — Yesterday, the covert and nebulous #ONOMOLY unveiled #LaserTwitter at the NFL Super Bowl experience in downtown Phoenix, AZ. A Twitter based real-time laser message board 50 feet up in the air on an empty warehouse rooftop. Not officially a part of the Super Bowl in any way, #LaserTwitter is uncensored, unsponsored and unbridled. At some point in the night, representatives from Bud Light sent Phoenix police officers over to the #LaserTwitter building, asking them to stop projecting onto the nearby Palomar Hotel high-rise. “Bud Light’s campaign says they are #UpForWhatever, but clearly not free speech and messages of positivity and change,” says one member of team ONOMOLY. “We are true messengers of light, Bud Light is crap watered-down beer. We’ll see where this ends up. Expect more button pushing and light truthing from us.” Anyone can be a part of this – simply use the #LaserTwitter hashtag in your tweets, and see it at the Super Bowl experience or via LIVE YouTube stream here:

#LaserTwitter – global messaging platform of LIGHT

#LaserTwitter ad·ver·tise – advərˌtīz/Submit – TO – verbs.

…describe or draw attention to (a product, service, or event)

#public #medium to promote enlightenment, justice and all that is right in the world. #fuckyourbillboard #seektofill (a vacancy) by putting a notice in a newspaper or other medium.

Calling all subversives. The #superbowl is here. The #NFL and it’s corporate cronies are dominating the mindspace. Have something to say? Say it on #lasertwitter. Uncensored. Unsponsored. A global real-time messaging platform of light. ANYONE can be a part of this. Spread the word. Shit is going to get real. #onomoly #fuckyourbillboard

Shine a light and make it right.  #LaserTwitter