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After the projection bombing of Bud Light and Super Bowl 49 in Downtown Phoenix, this site went offline a few years later.

Since Phoenix is hosting Super Bowl LVII February 12, 2023, I was looking for information about Laser Twitter and noticed that this site was available. I decided to purchase the domain name and setup a tribute.

I scraped the original tweets from Twitter that were still available in 2023 and setup some data files to play around with the original concept.

The marquee scrolling across the top of this site is using the newly scraped #LaserTwitter data. The display script randomizes the order when the page is loaded.

I have the files stored locally to preserve them and make them easily accessible should someone acquire equipment to use them in a future art installation.

The 2015 Laser Twitter was the brainchild of musician Devin Fleenor, who setup the Downtown art installation.

I hope that this helps keep some of the memory alive and provides inspiration to find ways to continue this unique type of activism.

Remembering Phoenix Musician Devin Fleenor

2023 - Friends of Meeble.